Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to the Wedding Studio at 224 Harrison

The Wedding Studio at 224 Harrison came to fruition in a short length of time, although the relationships with the partners were developed over a number of years.

Being astute entrepreneurs, we look for opportunities to better serve our clients and grow our businesses. The cross-over for the partners was the bridal market. We saw an opportunity and seized it; creating a wedding destination for bridal couples getting married in Central New York.

The concept is simple; create an upscale studio where busy bridal couples (and their families) can meet with wedding professionals on all the services that are needed to create an amazing wedding celebration that is flawless.

It’s all in one place so you can spend an afternoon with us and leave knowing that you have the right team and your wedding plans are in great shape. Or just come in with your questions; we’re here to help.

It really can be that simple and done in a setting that is comfortable and relaxing. We even have beer and wine in the fridge.

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