Thursday, December 8, 2011


                                                                     “Every great love has a great story”

During my time here, I have come across many love stories.  But the ones that stood out in my mind were the ones that almost didn’t make it.  These stories are the ones that inspire me.    

A gentleman that looked like he was in his late sixties walked into the studio and said he wanted to ask us some questions about photography.  He told us that he was getting married for the third time to his first love.   And you can see the happiness in his eyes as he told us his story.   This was also his fiancé’s third wedding.  He said that his first marriage didn’t work out, and that his second wife passed away, and when he thought things weren’t going to get any better, he ran into his fiancé at the bus stop after so many years.  And before they knew it, they got engaged!  He couldn’t stop telling us how happy he was. 

Another story that wowed me was the one of a limo driver.  He told me that he just got out of a marriage that lasted 30 years.  A bride and groom that he drove told him that they would tip him $200 if he got onto eHarmony.  After filling out all the questionnaires for two hours, he was signed up.  The next day he got an email that said they found a 97% perfect match for him.  And to his surprise, out of the millions of user on eHarmony, his perfect match was his ex-wife! 

So, its okay if the table linens you ordered may come in the wrong shade, or the centerpieces you envisioned did not look like the way you wanted, because at the end of the day, you are getting married to your best friend. That will be the only thing that matters.  You two are beginning the opening chapter of a great love story.  

Note: By working with the Wedding Studio, we will make sure your day goes flawlessly.  No wrong table linens or bad centerpieces! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time to Register!

It is that busy time of the year again.  With Christmas right around the corner, it is easy to forget about our own registries.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  With the following tips, you’ll get a registry put together in no time that you and your guests will love. 

            1. Register Early! 
The earlier you register, the more time it gives your guests to pick and get a gift.
            2. Do it together
Register with your fiancé, so you’ll have items on the list that both will love and use.

            3. Register for whatever you want
This one is simple enough.  Don’t worry about what everyone says that needs to be on your list.  Register for what YOU want.
            4. Think about how you live
Do register for what you want, but make sure you will be registering for items that you will actually use.

            5. Check the store’s return policies
Always make sure you check what the store’s return policies are in case you get duplicate gifts.

            6. Make sure you hit all price points
This one is extremely important.  Make sure you have items on the registry with all price points to meet different guest’s budgets.              

            7. Be considerate of your guests
Think about accessibility to the registry.  Make sure they can purchase items easily online, on the phone, or even fax.        

            8. Update Often
Update the list as often as you can.  Add items or take off items to make sure you are getting gifts that you’ll enjoy.

            9. Think gift cards
Don’t forget to add gift cards on the registry.  Sometimes a guest prefers not to get something on the list and give something else instead.  

            10. Say Thanks
Always thank your guests for their gifts.  Call them, tell them in person, or write to them.  Make sure it’s thoughtful just like how they thought of you.

Registries allows your guest to buy gifts to congratulate you and your fiancé on your wedding day.  Even if you prefer cash, be careful where you mention it.  Don’t ever ask for “no gifts” or “cash only” anywhere.  Register as many as 4-5 stores and just have fun.    

Friday, December 2, 2011

MTP: Lindsey & Jarod Married @ Turning Stone

7.30.11 - Having someone to share the ups and downs with, someone who completes you, and someone to celebrate life every step of the way are some of the simple yet important values Lindsey and Jarod are bringing into their marriage. Lindsey is smart, driven, determined and persistent while Jarod is outgoing, hardworking, and knowledgeable about everything; great qualities of two wonderful people who make a solid - and super cute - couple! Having done an engagement session with these two awhile back, I was excited to see them again and be back at the Turning Stone. It was the perfect day for an outdoor ceremony on The Great Lawn and I have to give props to the bride and groom for orchestrating a comfortable amount of time for photos.
Check out my blog for more of Lindsey & Jarod's awesome wedding!
forever & for always
xoxo, Meg

MTP: Lauri & Jonathan Engaged!

Loving this next couple for 2012 ~ Laurie & Jonathan ~ a recommendation from Laurie's brother, also a kickball teammate on a team I sponsor during the summers. These two met early on in college but it was years later they reconnected and have been inseparable since then! I met Laurie and Jonathan on his families property in Baldwinsville, property that Jonathan will inherit someday, where we took full advantage of the vast beauty; from the fields, sunflowers, to the garden and the roof top.
Check out my blog for more fun times with Lauri & Jonathan!
forever & for always
xoxo, Meg

MTP: Amy & Lee Married @ Bayshore

7.29.11 - She was just 16 when he met her and the rest is history! Lee proposed outside the museum of Fine Art in Boston, MA while they were in town for Amy's graduate school interview, proposing that he would follow Amy anywhere she needed to go. How sweet?!?! While Amy and Lee started their lifetime of happiness years ago, these two celebrated their future together in Oswego, NY at Bayshore Grove where they luckily had a beautiful outdoor ceremony after the sky cleared from a rainy morning. As always, Bayshore makes for cool formals on the grounds, rocks and water and a red sky casted the perfect sunset for the bride and groom.
Check out my blog for more great moments from their special day!
forever & for always
xoxo, Meg

MTP: Katie & Brandon Married @ The Thousand Islands

7.16.11 - This Saturday was one of the hottest day I've ever shot in with temperatures lingering around 90 degrees! But it was cool to see my next couple tie the knot! Katie and Brandon celebrated their amazing connection in Alexandria Bay at Joey's Thousand Island Club, offering terrific views of the St. Lawrence River. Katie, Brandon, and their son Trey spend their summers up here as a family so this choice of venue is quite dear to representing the evolution of their relationship and love. It also served as a great weekend getaway for their family and friends!
Check out my blog for more on Katie and Brandon's Wedding day!
forever & for always
xoxo, Meg

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do it yourself?

After he proposes, you get a rush of good feelings and you think about all the possibilities and things you can do for your wedding, how you want things to be and what you have always wanted to do for your wedding.  How can you help yourself?  It’s your day.   And do it yourself (DIY) projects are a great way to add your own personal touches to the wedding.  But before you pull out the scissors, glue gun, and ribbons, consider the following.

How much time do you really have?  If you are working a 40-hours workweek, adding the additional projects on top of wedding planning is not a great idea.  Do you have help?  If you do that is great, if you don’t, make it fun.  Invite your bridal party to come on over to help you over cocktails.  Whatever your imagination is, DIY projects are a great way to express it.   Our personal favorite resources are: DIY Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, and DIY Bride Magazine are great places to start.

If you’re artsy or creative, this will be absolutely fun, but rule of thumb, some things are always better left to the professionals.  If Uncle Ted offered to take pictures for the wedding as a wedding gift, you will have to think about how to balance him as a guest and photographer.  There’s a wedding with this scenario and the bride didn’t get any photos even months after the wedding.  Sometimes trying to save yourself money can cost you a lot more in the end.  Let the Wedding Studio help you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MTP: Hard Work Pays Off

I am not someone to brag or boast but I've been very fortunate and lucky in life with good family and friends. Among the complexities of life, I've learned the value of patience, commitment, determination, and a hard days work to get to where I want to be. My journey started years ago and I'm happy to say that the trip is so worthwhile that I hope my ability to challenge myself, remain passionate about what I do, and grow as a professional will continue to evolve. This past weekend, I was so honored and happy to be featured in The Post Standard on an article about successful entrepreneurs.
I can honestly say that my business sense was shaped and enhanced by the "Entrepreneurs Bootcamp" I participated in at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management and I'm forever grateful! It is a great place to be when you love what you do and it fuels your creativity and livelihood. I hope all of us can find that joy!
forever & for always
xoxo, Meg

MTP: Emily & Kaelin Engaged

The other week while in Oswego at a baby shower, I wrapped in the engagement session of Emily and Kaelin; an adorable couple from out of town planning their Syracuse wedding. Not having met them prior to the session, we connected instantly and had a great time at some of my favorite locations: Fallbrook and Rice Creek Field Station. If I could have had my wedding during the wedding season, Fallbrook is hands down where I would have wanted to celebrate! Love it there! Check out my blog for more great photos from Emily & Kaelin's session!
forever & for always
xoxo, Meg

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introducing Envelopments

It was seen in the Summer 2011 issue of Martha Stewart's Weddings, now it's coming to Bride Design! The exciting luxury line of Envelopments invitations and cards is now available at The Wedding Studio. Envelopments is a unique system of papers that will perfectly compliment Bride Design's existing couture services and signature line, both of which are still available and feature new designs added seasonally. We can create your wedding stationery wardrobe using one of Envelopments' featured recipes or for a more creative and tailored invitation suite, we can design a completely original invitation using Envelopments materials as well. Custom postage stamps can be added for that personalized touch. Contact Erin at from Bride Design to get started!

Fall Wedding Trends 2011

For brides who are planning a fall wedding, you are probably wondering what is in this fall.  Just because it’s getting colder, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a warm and beautiful wedding.  Fall weddings are absolutely gorgeous when done right. Well, let’s take a look at this year’s fall wedding trends!

Wedding Colors: Purples, golds, and browns are in this year.  Try pairing these classic colors with vibrant jewel tones.  Table covers and chair covers are available from The Events Company

Flower trends:  Dahlias are huge this fall.  They are at their highest season in September.  This makes them very inexpensive.  Dahlias come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Ask the Floral Garden how they can dress up your fall wedding with Dahlias.

Reception trends:  Event planners are making the reception cozy this fall.   Think tons of texture and overlay.  The Wedding Studio can help you create the perfect reception look.  

 Cake Trends:  Inspired by William & Kate’s groom’s cake, bakers are creating cakes such as pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting or vanilla bean cake with cinnamon buttercream.  Design wise; try keeping it simple and elegant.  Sweet Endings can do something absolutely nice for the cake. 

Stationary Trends:  Natured inspired are showing up on invitations, save the dates, and stationary.  Ask Bride Design how they can design your invitation suit today.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tips on the Bar

“Sorry, we’re all out on beer,” is something that you definitely don’t want your guests to hear.  Having a really good bar can make a difference to the feel of the party.  So, how do you do it right without breaking the bank?

Full Bars
-       The first 1 to 2 hours of the reception is when guests consume the most drinks.  During the highest peak hours, schedule dinner, a performance, or toast to break it up. 
-       Offer the open bar in stages to save money. One before or at the beginning the reception and one towards the end of the reception.     
-       You can save 50% or more if you buy in bulk and not in bottles.
-       Stock more drinks than you need!  It’s better to have more than you need than to run out.  If you buy from someone that allows you to return unopened bottles…FANTASTIC!
-       Save the champagne for the toast.   Serving champagne throughout the event is costly. 
-       Use disposable glassware.  Glass cups rental charges are by the cup.    Keep them clear.  Use one with an edgy effect makes it classy.

Always include non-alcoholic beverages such as soda and coffee as well.  Keep in mind that you will want to staff 1 bartender for every 50 guests you have.  Long lines at the bar can really slow down the evening.  Not considering a full bar?  Select a few favorites to serve at the bar.  Or have a juice bar during cocktail hour.  The Wedding Studio can help you set one up like the photo above.   This can be absolutely fun and add festivity to the event!  Whatever you decide on, I would just recommend staying away from cash bars and you’ll be golden.