Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time to Register!

It is that busy time of the year again.  With Christmas right around the corner, it is easy to forget about our own registries.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  With the following tips, you’ll get a registry put together in no time that you and your guests will love. 

            1. Register Early! 
The earlier you register, the more time it gives your guests to pick and get a gift.
            2. Do it together
Register with your fiancé, so you’ll have items on the list that both will love and use.

            3. Register for whatever you want
This one is simple enough.  Don’t worry about what everyone says that needs to be on your list.  Register for what YOU want.
            4. Think about how you live
Do register for what you want, but make sure you will be registering for items that you will actually use.

            5. Check the store’s return policies
Always make sure you check what the store’s return policies are in case you get duplicate gifts.

            6. Make sure you hit all price points
This one is extremely important.  Make sure you have items on the registry with all price points to meet different guest’s budgets.              

            7. Be considerate of your guests
Think about accessibility to the registry.  Make sure they can purchase items easily online, on the phone, or even fax.        

            8. Update Often
Update the list as often as you can.  Add items or take off items to make sure you are getting gifts that you’ll enjoy.

            9. Think gift cards
Don’t forget to add gift cards on the registry.  Sometimes a guest prefers not to get something on the list and give something else instead.  

            10. Say Thanks
Always thank your guests for their gifts.  Call them, tell them in person, or write to them.  Make sure it’s thoughtful just like how they thought of you.

Registries allows your guest to buy gifts to congratulate you and your fiancé on your wedding day.  Even if you prefer cash, be careful where you mention it.  Don’t ever ask for “no gifts” or “cash only” anywhere.  Register as many as 4-5 stores and just have fun.    

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