Thursday, December 8, 2011


                                                                     “Every great love has a great story”

During my time here, I have come across many love stories.  But the ones that stood out in my mind were the ones that almost didn’t make it.  These stories are the ones that inspire me.    

A gentleman that looked like he was in his late sixties walked into the studio and said he wanted to ask us some questions about photography.  He told us that he was getting married for the third time to his first love.   And you can see the happiness in his eyes as he told us his story.   This was also his fiancé’s third wedding.  He said that his first marriage didn’t work out, and that his second wife passed away, and when he thought things weren’t going to get any better, he ran into his fiancé at the bus stop after so many years.  And before they knew it, they got engaged!  He couldn’t stop telling us how happy he was. 

Another story that wowed me was the one of a limo driver.  He told me that he just got out of a marriage that lasted 30 years.  A bride and groom that he drove told him that they would tip him $200 if he got onto eHarmony.  After filling out all the questionnaires for two hours, he was signed up.  The next day he got an email that said they found a 97% perfect match for him.  And to his surprise, out of the millions of user on eHarmony, his perfect match was his ex-wife! 

So, its okay if the table linens you ordered may come in the wrong shade, or the centerpieces you envisioned did not look like the way you wanted, because at the end of the day, you are getting married to your best friend. That will be the only thing that matters.  You two are beginning the opening chapter of a great love story.  

Note: By working with the Wedding Studio, we will make sure your day goes flawlessly.  No wrong table linens or bad centerpieces! 

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