Friday, June 17, 2011

Finding Just the Right Words

Today there are many different types of families, from single parents to step-parents. No matter where you fall on this scale, there is the correct wording for your wedding invitations!
 1. Both sets of parents are helping with the wedding and the couple wishes to include their names on the invitation:
ex. "Taylor Smith and Adam Armstead, together with their parents, Linda and William Smith, and Barbara and Robert Armstead, invite you to join them in celebrating their marriage." The parents' names printed on a wedding invitation used to imply that they were taking care of the wedding financially, however that does not always hold true in today's day and age.  

2. The groom's mother is deceased, but he still wishes to honor her:
ex. "Jane Hunt and Noah McAdams, together with their parents, request the honor of your presence." Technically, when parents' names are listed on the invitation, it implies they are hosting the event. Therefore, it doesn't really make sense to have a parent who is no longer here, listed on the invitation. By saying "together with their parents" it can be assumed that her spirit is present. The couple can then honor her in another way, such as a candle-lighting ceremony.

3. The bride would like to include her parents, as well as her step-parents on her  invitation:
ex. "We invite you to share this day of happiness in the marriage of Jill Morgan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Kathleen Wood, and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jennifer Morgan, and Chris Mackenzie, son of Mrs. Sarah Mackenzie and Mr. Luke Mackenzie. 

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