Friday, February 1, 2013

6 ways to honor a loved one on your wedding day

One of the challenges a bride may face when planning her wedding is how to honor a loved one at her wedding. I myself quickly realized this challenge as I began planning my own wedding. My father passed away when I was little and it never dawned on me how much I would miss him on my wedding day. I thought it would be nice to share some of the really unique and creative ways that some of my brides have used to honor their loved ones on their wedding days.

1. A brooch bouquet:
This is a collection of family brooches made into a bouquet. The most amazing part is that it will last forever!! Here is link to a bunch of different artists who create these on ETSY
2. A loved ones belongings:
Wearing something of your loved ones at the wedding. This bride wore her fathers hat for the ceremony. I am sure every time she looks at those pictures she will remember him. Another bride tied her fathers class ring to her bouquet.

3. Grandma's secret recipe:
A way to honor your Grandma's amazing culinary skills would be to make your favors out of her secret recipe!! I love this idea because everyone that is at your wedding gets to feel a little bit closer to Grandma.

4. Balloons:
At this wedding the grooms mother had passed away and she would have loved nothing more than a beautiful church wedding for her son. The couple got married at a big church and while outside in their receiving line they let a group of balloons fly away into the air. It was such a beautiful moment.
5. Loved ones note:
At this wedding the brides grandmother had written a note to her future granddaughters about a handkerchief that had been walked down the aisle many times before. It was beautiful to see such a wonderful piece of that families history.
6. Tattoo:
Ok I know this one is a bit extreme. I myself have never had a tattoo but after seeing this at a wedding this summer I am absolutely wanting one. This image I took this summer of a brides wrist, her 2 sisters wrists and her mothers wrist. Their father/husband had passed away and it was his handwriting of I Love You on all of the girls wrists. It has become my favorite image that I have ever taken. I know that in that exact moment my brides father was with looking down on her.
Although this can be a sad and emotional subject it can be happy too!! If you have any questions on how to honor your loved one at your wedding, I would love to help. Please feel free to email me at

Best Wishes!!
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