Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Playlist

As professional musicians who have created dance experiences at more than a thousand weddings of every style, size, and type, we love to give each couple the music they love. Whether you want Motown, 70’s, easy listening pop, a string quartet, ethnic tunes, current hits, or any style of music, our goal is to make sure each bride and groom has a wedding playlist that is perfect for them.

But we also know from experience that a wedding reception dance mix has a greater chance to be successful and memorable by first considering a few important elements.

Here are some questions every bride and groom needs to consider before creating their wedding dance playlist:

• Do you want the music to primarily reflect your musical tastes or will you incorporate the musical
tastes of your guests as well? We regularly invite family members & friends of the bride and groom to choose favorites from our song list so they feel involved in the process.

• What are the songs, music styles or specific artists you DO NOT want included in the music mix for your wedding?

• What are the must play songs that are meaningful to you & your fiancĂ©e, or that are traditional and important to your families?

• Do you prefer high energy dance music throughout the evening or a “build up to it” approach for later, after dinner is completed?

• Do you want your guests dancing during dinner, in between courses, or just listening to music during dinner?

Once the songs are chosen, we help you decide when to play each song during the evening, and we can also tell you if the music is danceable. Keep in mind that people dance to what they know. You may have songs that are your favorites but “think dancing”!!

A thoughtful and personalized playlist is the key to a successful wedding dance. Good luck with your wedding and let the music begin!

Based in Syracuse, NY, the DeSantis Bands & Orchestra provides quality musical entertainment for all of life’s special celebrations. We offer musical ensembles in all sizes, from soloists to upbeat duos and trios to a full size band with vocalists, in every musical style a live band can play. DeSantis Bands and Orchestras is dedicated to providing the perfect music for every ceremony or reception need. Call 315-488-7611

We are proud members of the Wedding Studio at 224 Harrison,, the perfect place to plan your perfect wedding, in Syracuse and surrounding areas..Come to our downtown Syracuse showroom to meet with us soon.

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