Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do I really need the support of a wedding planner?

This is a question many brides ask themselves as they debate the investment verses DIY.

Hiring a wedding planner is a personal decision that only you can make. There have been more than a few weddings where a professional planner was not involved and the day went just fine. And yours will probably go fine, too. But at what expense to your nerves, your relationship with your mother, groom, bridesmaids, family, co-workers...

The investment you make hiring a professional is an intangible and the true value is not realized until the last song is played. We (professional wedding planners) are there to ensure you hire the wedding vendors who fit your needs, personality, and budget. We are there to ensure no detail is forgotten. We are there to ensure your day unfolds flawlessly. But most importantly we are there to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with planning such a personally momentous occasion.

We offer customized support that fits your needs. Maybe you want someone to be by your side throughout the entire process or perhaps you just want support the final month and day of or just someone to run ideas and questions by. No matter the need, a true professional will not try to fit you into a "package."

Example: We (The Events Company) met with a bride a couple months ago who felt she wanted day of support. We reviewed her needs, expectations, concerns, and overall wedding plan and submitted a proposal. This was a bride who was used to having full control and doing everything herself, so making the decision was difficult. The event more difficult decision was selecting between 2 the companies she interviewed; the challenge was she liked us better but we were more expensive. After much personal debate she opted to hire The Events Company. Yes, we were more expensive, however she felt more comfortable with the personalities of our team and the level of service we would provide. Now, we WOW! her.

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