Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stationery Beyond The Invitation...

Many brides and families don't realize, until they start planning and shopping, that there is way more to today's stylish and unique "stationery wardrobes" than just the engraved invitations (and little else) of yesteryear. One aspect of the stationery wardrobe you might not be thinking about is your "guest book." And while there are many gorgeous traditional books to choose from on the market, I think you'd also be surprised at the variety of fun and non-traditional guest book options available. I'm even talking about going beyond the signature photo mat, an idea that I'd say came about in the last 10-15 years but which has become a standard classic in that time.

After creating an invitation suite for one of my favorite brides Lucia, she shared with me her plans to create a "Make-a-Wish, Take-a-Wish" bowls for her reception. I loved her idea so much I fashioned my own version for my sister's wedding. The premise is simple. Two jars (bowls, or vases work well too), one for guests to write wishes or bits of advice for the happy couple (Make-a-Wish) and another bowl filled with well-wishes from the bride and groom for their guests to take home (Take-a-Wish). This idea was so successful, that I introduced Bride Design's Signature Collection Make-a-Wish, Take-a-Wish Kits
to our etsy shop this past year. The customer supplies the containers and an 8x10 frame. We supply ALL the printed paper goodies. We're happy to have shipped these kits around the U.S., as well as to Canadian, English, Irish, and Australian customers around the globe!

Offered in more than 10 color schemes, the wishes provided in the kit are Irish blessings, delightful proverbs from around the world, and even a few affirming mantras. We also provide a poem and easy instructions (suitable for framing) for the guests on how to use the jars, that should be placed on the table. Guests enjoy the interactive aspect of this keepsake and cards can be stored in a variety of ways. A photo book interspersed with pictures or a lovely box are fun choices. Extra special notes might also be framed and placed in the newlyweds' home. We've also expanded our offerings (at a bride's request) to include another kit that features exclusively Christian wishes and bible verses.

For more information on these and our many other stationery offerings, please visit us on Thursday afternoons at The Wedding Studio at 224 Harrison or find us online at and Happy Planning!

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  1. Great idea. Couples are always looking for unique and personalized touches to their wedding celebration. Think of the fun you can have coming up with the 'take a wish.'