Thursday, December 2, 2010

Building a Wedding Stationery Wardrobe (Part 1)

So you're engaged and it's time to start thinking about invitations, but there's more to getting your guests to and through your big day than one single piece of paper. Pulling together your wedding stationery wardrobe is a fun process and with the help of planners and a professional designer it can also be a stress-free and exciting one!

What makes a great stationery wardrobe? Here's the basics to consider for before reception. We'll cover what stationery items are needed for the reception and beyond in our next post. Not every bride needs every single piece we'll be listing, but when shopping it does make sense to have a good idea of what elements you'll want to include in your wardrobe. Buying many or all of your pieces from the same stationer will often save you a few dollars and ensures a consistent look throughout.

Save the Date Cards: Save the Dates can be cards, postcards, stickers or magnets that alert your guests to the upcoming nuptials. Brief and to the point, this announcement lets guests know who is getting married, when and where. This allows guests to begin making travel plans and to reserve the date on their calendar, one reason why Save the Date cards are especially useful for destination weddings. Save the Date cards should be sent out 6 months to a year in advance of your wedding date.

Wedding Invitation Suite:
Your wedding invitation is the star of your wedding stationery wardrobe. It will also require multiple pieces, including the invitation itself, envelopes, and response card. If reception information is not listed on the invitation, a reception card might also be included. Cards containing information on directions and accommodations are often included as well. These days, many brides also include a schedule of events or itinerary since many weddings often take place over the course of a weekend.

Wedding Programs: Wedding programs list the order of events at your ceremony and can be very helpful for longer or unique ceremonies where not every guest may know the protocol,such as Catholic Masses or Inter-Faith ceremonies. A program can also be useful if you'd like guests to follow along with readings or join in singing. Programs can also make a lovely keepsake and should reflect the style of your ceremony. I love fan programs for hot August days or weddings on a tropical beach!

Tune in next time when we cover the many stationery items that make a wedding reception the event of the season!

Erin Nowak, Owner and Principal Designer
Bride Design

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