Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Party favors that your guests will love!

The party favor topic is a tricky subject for every bride and groom. Do we get them or do we not?  Some couples feel this is a waste of money because most party favors are left behind at the end of the night.  Well, think again!  Party favors are a great way to thank your guests and something for them to remember the event by.  With a twist on traditional party favor ideas and some new ones, I’ll promise you they won’t leave without it!

At the last wedding I attended, the bride and groom greeted each party at the door and snapped a photo together.  By the end of the night, guests left with a framed photo of them with the bride and groom.  Guests were definitely surprised by this one!  The photographer brought a printer with him and as soon as he took the photos, he printed them out. 

Guests also love it when they get gifts they can use.  If you have guests traveling and staying at a hotel, pamper them with a small welcome gift bag filled with water, candies, snacks, maps, and anything that would make their stay better!

Growing in popularity for brides and grooms are charity gifts. Choose your favorite causes you’d like to donate to.  Label them onto large jars at a table.  Give each guest a stone to put in a jar of their choosing.  And for every stone, you can donate the amount you wish to the cause.  Guests will leave feeling good.  For more ideas, check out my personal favorites sites www.etsy.com, www.beau-coup.com, and www.planusa.org.

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