Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspiration: Fabric

The linen you choose for your wedding can serve as an inspiration for many other elements. Your invitations, place settings, and floral arrangements can all stem from your fabric choice. Also included in these elements is one of the main focal points of your wedding day: the cake! Using fabric swatches,I researched cakes that could be correlated with them. As you can see, the cake doesn't have to be an exact replica of your linen choice, but it is apparent where the design originated from. The blog Atypical Type A featured a similar post where the cakes were directly related with a mod fabric choice.  
By choosing to be inspired by a linen, your wedding cake can become an eye-catching work of art that is quite out of the ordinary. Although these types of cakes aren't for everyone, they can definitely serve as a source of inspiration for many brides. Stuck on where to find these types of linens? Contact The Events Company for assistance 

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the many, many options available when The Events Company is providing the linens for an event. So many choices!