Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make a Wish!

On your wedding day, your guests want to wish you the best of luck for your new life ahead of you. Inspire your friends and family to give their best wishes with something slightly different than the traditional guest book.

Featured in the June issue of Brides Magazine, these screen-printed wish tags from are sure to urge your guests to send you a thoughtful and creative message. Written similarly to a Mad Lib, these tags bring a witty twist to an old tradition.

After these wish tags are completed by each guest, they can be affixed to a wish tree that is decorated to fit your wedding decor. They can be as simple or ornate as you'd like, and are guaranteed to quickly become an eye-catching focal point.

The wedding wish tree was inspired by Yoko Ono's wish trees which were created around 1981. With the intentions of encapsulating the millions of wishes collected around the world in the Imagine Peace Tower, this global project has not only inspired peace, but also just as insightful wedding wishes for new couples.   

Another alternative to the traditional guest book is the "Make-a-Wish, Take-a-Wish" bowls created by Erin of Bride Design. This idea features two bowls or vases, one filled with wishes from the bride and groom for their guests, and the other to be filled with wishes for the newlyweds from their friends and family. This interactive keepsake can be customized to fit your wedding decor, and is a great way to cherish the special wishes and pieces of advice from your big day. 
Although the traditional guest book is a classic piece to any wedding, be sure to scope out all of your other options that are sure to further enhance your wedding decor. Looking for other non-traditional pieces for your wedding? Visit  The Events Company for more creative ideas.  

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